Sims 4 – Moodlets

The thing floating above the character’s head in The Sims 4 is called a moodlet. It is a small, circular icon that displays the Sim’s current mood. The moodlet can be either positive or negative, and it can be based on a variety of factors, such as the Sim’s needs, emotions, and interactions with other Sims.

For example, a Sim who is happy might have a moodlet that says “Happy” with a smiley face. A Sim who is stressed might have a moodlet that says “Stressed” with a frowning face. And a Sim who is in love might have a moodlet that says “In Love” with a heart icon.

Moodlets are a great way to keep track of your Sim’s emotions and needs. They can also be used to make decisions about what your Sim should do next. For example, if your Sim is feeling stressed, you might want to send them to relax in a hot tub or take a bubble bath. And if your Sim is feeling happy, you might want to take them to a party or go on a date.

Moodlets are a fun and informative way to add depth and realism to your Sims’ lives. They can also help you to create more interesting and engaging stories.