Sims 4 – Colors

In The Sims 4, different colors are associated with different moods or moodlets. Here is a list of some of the most common associations:

  • Green: Green is associated with positive moods, such as happy, playful, and energized.
  • Blue: Blue is associated with negative moods, such as sad, angry, and stressed.
  • Red: Red is associated with intense moods, such as excited, passionate, and jealous.
  • Yellow: Yellow is associated with creative moods, such as inspired, curious, and imaginative.
  • Purple: Purple is associated with spiritual moods, such as thoughtful, calm, and serene.

Of course, these are just general associations. The specific color that is associated with a mood or moodlet can vary depending on the context. For example, a green moodlet might indicate happiness if it is associated with a positive event, such as getting a promotion at work. However, a green moodlet might indicate jealousy if it is associated with a negative event, such as seeing your ex-partner with someone new.

It is also important to note that the colors associated with moods and moodlets can change depending on the player’s preferences. In the game settings, players can choose to customize the colors that are associated with different moods and moodlets. This allows players to create a game that is more visually appealing to them.

These are the default color values for each mood:

MoodRGB ValueHexadecimal ValueShow Me
Happy(0, 128, 0)#008000 
Sad(128, 0, 128)#800080
Angry(255, 0, 0)#FF0000
Energized(0, 255, 255)#00FFFF
Stressed(255, 128, 0)#FF8000
Inspired(255, 255, 0)#FFFF00
Curious(128, 255, 0)#80FFFF
Imaginative(0, 255, 128)#00FFFF
Thoughtful(128, 0, 0)#800000
Calm(0, 128, 128)#008080
Serene(128, 128, 0)#808000